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Purchase Agreement

Gown Purchase

If you decide to purchase the gown within 14 days after the rental, the price of rental will be applied to the purchase price.

The purchase price of each gown is listed on the website, and payment in full is expected before the gown will be sent.

If the gown was rented and the renter decides to purchase the gown without returning it, the full cost of the gown (minus the rental fee) will be applied to the credit card used for renting immediately.

Care of Gowns

  • Wash your hands before touching the gown.
  • Shower before putting the gown on.
  • No permanent tanning products are permitted with the gowns. Damages from tanning products will result in additional fees, and/or renter purchasing the gown.
  • If you have long nails, please be careful of them.
  • To maintain good hygiene, please wear underwear at all times while wearing the gown.
  • Please spray any glitter, perfume, hairspray, etc. before putting on the gown.
  • Do not leave the gown or any accompanying accessories unattended at any time. If the gown is stolen, you will be charged for its purchase.
  • Do not alter any gown rented or it will be treated as a purchase.
  • DO NOT have the gown dry cleaned for any reason


Any gown may be tried on before rental to ensure a gown you will feel comfortable in and that fits.

There is a $20 fee for Try-on that will be applied to the rental price if the gown is rented.

Try-ons must be postmarked for return to Saltare Gowns by UPS on the 2nd day after receipt per the UPS confirmation date.

Any gown (and accompanying accessories) that are returned later than this will incur a $10 fee per day for the first 5 days, and after that you will be charged the full purchase price of the gown.

Credit Card Processing Fee

If the credit card used is invalid or declined, Saltare Gowns reserves the right to impose a $10 processing fee for each occurrence.

If the credit card on file is invalid or declined after a rental has progressed to purchase, any collections and/or attorney’s fees incurred in the further collection of the money will be passed on to the customer.

Saltare Gowns will not knowingly share any credit information with anyone else, and a secure site is used for all credit transactions.


Saltare Gowns makes no representations or warranties of any kind, and is not responsible for whether a gown is suitable for a client, or for whether the gown fits. This responsibility lies exclusively with the renter. Saltare Gowns is not responsible for any wardrobe malfunction and shall not have any liability for damages arising out of the rental or use of any of our gowns. All gowns are rented or purchased in an “as-is” condition.

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